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IS8200 Masa Tipi Barkod Okuyucu

IS8200 Masa Tipi Barkod Okuyucu
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The IS-8200 uses Scantech's patented and unique Golldrush polygon technology. The gold polygon on the polygon makes it ultra-bright, which allows it to wake up longer than the engine life and energy saving mode. In addition, the flash EPROM of the device provides the possibility to perform firmware update at the blink of an eye.

Reading Damaged and Non-Standard Barcodes

The dedicated software allows the IS-8200 reader to read clipped or sub-standard barcodes at a certain distance, such as in front of the screen. Even the codes on the damaged or frozen product do not pose a problem due to the ability to code the IS-8200. In addition, IS-8200 EAN / UPC is a criterion for reading AddOn codes.

Ergonomics and Ease of Use

The IS-8200 can be installed on a fixed bench surface or on a flexible, rotating stand. The stand can be rotated or tilted to the desired direction in order to achieve the best working position of the clerk in the payment process. The stand also has a guide that allows the cable to be installed in such a way that it is not visible.


The IS-8200 is compatible with the following.
Laser Safety IEC 825-1 (1993) Class I, U.S. Pat. CDRH 21CRF1040 Class IIA
Electrical Safety EN60950 (second version), UL 1950, c-UL (according CSA22.2.950)
Radio and TV Mixing EN 55022 Class B (1994), FCC part 15 Class B (1992)
Radio Frequency Confusion EN 50082-1 ​​(1992)

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