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CMP-30 Mobil Yazıcı

CMP-30 Mobil Yazıcı
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  • Model: CMP-30
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Simple design intuitive operation
CMP-20 and CMP-30 printers; Simple to use, easy to use as all Citizen printers.
The robust plastic case with a long life is designed to withstand any possible collisions.
In this way, the printer remains operational without interruption.

General Application Areas
• Mobile plug printing
• Tail termination (plug-in without queuing)
• Delivery receipt
• Price discount label printing
• Labeling
• Ticketing
•    Payment
• Taxi ticket

• Easy to use and help media indicators
• Built-in label tear knife
• High capacity Li Ion technology and easy replacement battery
• Magnetic Slip and Chip card option
• Standard AC Adapter
• Windows driver and SDK kit
• Serial, Bluetooth, USB or Wireless communication options
• Belt clip
• 80mm (CMP-30) and 58mm paper width
• Rolls up to 48mm or 56mm (CMP-30) diameter

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