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Citizen CL-S521 Barkod Yazıcı

Technical specifications

Technology: Direct Thermal

Speed: 150 mms

Resolution: 203 dpi

Printing Width: 104.1 mm

Label Width: 12.5 mm to 118.1 mm

Label Length: 6.35 mm to 1625.6 mm

Label Roll Diameter: 125 mm

Label Inner Diameter: 25 mm

Label thickness: 0.0635 mm to 0.254 mm

Standard Interface: Serial and USB

Optional Interface: Parallel, Ethernet, WiFi

Display: 4 Keys, 4 LEDs

Ram: 16 mb

Flash: 4 mb

Dimensions (W x D x H mm): 231 x 289 x 183 mm

Weight: 3.6 Kg

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