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  • Online sales and inventory tracking
    Sales are continued even if the network is cut, the sales information is sent to the center without the need for command.
    Even if the central server fails, the data is not lost. After the system is repaired, the server is automatically updated and the old data is sent to the server.
    Thanks to its secure structure, the HDD on the device cannot be intercepted, data cannot be deleted or changed.
    Device life is very long, we have devices used in the market for 12 years.
    Our devices are manufactured with industrial equipment and not with Standard PC components.
    Spare parts prices are at reasonable levels.
    We are able to provide services in 81 cities with our strong dealer structure.
    We do not incur extra costs after purchase, for example, you will not receive any costs when you want to switch to the customer card application after you receive the device.
    22 kinds of promotions.
    Customer card and Score applications.
    Companies distribute cards that can only be used for food shopping, such as 40TL, 50TL instead of distributing the parcels in Ramadan.
    Multinet is available to shop with Ticket.
    To give the lottery password, the password can be overwritten without any additional paper costs.
    Credit sale.
    Invoice collection.
    Credit card debt payment
    Integrated infrastructure that can be integrated with popular accounting software in the market.
    Work with the software developed by the companies themselves.
    Open to applications such as SAP, ERP.

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