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IPOS I1001 Dokunmatik Pos

IPOS I1001 Dokunmatik Pos
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IPOS I1001

On-line and off-line operation
Ability to use the device without using a keyboard and / or mouse
Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by reducing customer waiting time with improved ergonomic design of the cashier display
Simplification of complex movements in the document (grouping similar movements)
Printing the document after payment is completed
Ease of routing and processing with information and warning messages
Instant rear view of the device
Able to print the company logo on the end of the chip
To write the desired message at the end of the document
Ability to sell and sell the products with the View Price function
Adding pictures to desired product
To see the products with their pictures when Product Information is displayed
Automatically transfer the receipt to the invoice if the limit is exceeded
Waybill arrangement
Installment sales
Expense Compass Arrangement
Gift exchange coupon arrangement
Receive payment with coupons such as restaurant, ticket, sodexho (defined by credit keys)
Identify unlimited vendors
Vendor number or vendor selection from Seller List
To be able to follow the premium of all sellers
Individual vendor premium tracking on product basis
Limiting the use of device functions according to authorization levels
Setting the safe closing time
Arrangement of the specified amount of gift exchange coupons to selected products during the sale
Advanced promotion identification
Inset price identification
Assigning the product category to the customer
Determining the products that should be bought / received when selling to the selected customer
15 dokunmatik TFT LCD touch monitor
Open to applications such as SAP, ERP.

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